About Trace Online

TraceOnline is a national debt recovery company that was established in 2004 and prides itself on producing high quality services and long-term solutions for its clients. By working with consultants with the expertise required to constitute a highly qualified and experienced team, TraceOnline is able to provide the services depicted on the right to our clients:

TraceOnline has a staff compliment of over 150 personnel and call centres in Bellville, Boksburg, Benoni and Pretoria. We also have offices spread out around the country with well-trained field agents on a national basis. Our outstanding track record means that TraceOnline also has excellent professional relationships with all the courts and sheriffs throughout South Africa, resulting in quick turnaround times to obtain an EAO.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service with quick turnaround times, resulting in excellent relationships with our clients.


TraceOnline’s process includes database interrogation, tracing and information updating, as well as hard-tracing by external agents.

Call centre

International debt collection trends has changed considerably in the last year or two, with a strong focus on viewing the debtor as a “client”, and transferring the responsibility and affording the debtor-client an opportunity to “manage” his own debt repayment. It is therefore TraceOnline’s belief and focus to find a financial solution for the client, and understanding the relevant circumstances of the client, so as to better assist the client.


The approach followed by TraceOnline offers a more attractive political and social approach, in that the TraceOnline collections agent, communicates with the debtor, and facilitates a process of collection. The strength and uniqueness of this process emanates from:

  • A non-confrontational approach
  • An electronic approach to data capturing and management
  • An effective data administration system and
  • Well trained personnel.

Social responsibility

As part of our social responsibility strategy, TraceOnline identifies local Historically Disadvantaged Individuals that are trained as agents and are employed in different projects. By equipping these individuals with the necessary skills to communicate, negotiate and manage with debtors, TraceOnline utilises local content, thus uplifting the local community through employment and skills transfer. TraceOnline has successfully trained a number of agents involved in the current Housing collections tender for City of Cape Town at its Bellville branch.


Empowerment of previously marginalized individuals: Our strategy to identify local persons in the area of a client; to appoint, train, and manage these historically disadvantaged individuals, to be part of project as local agents, thereby uplifting the local community through training, learnerships and employment. We also offer an internationally accredited training program - INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION FOR COLLECTION AGENTS IN CONSUMER DEBT – SA that enable the agents and collectors to become Internationally Certified Collections Advisors.

Meet The Team

A company is only as good as the team behind it,
have a look at the dynamic team behind TraceOnline

  • I D P Visser,

    an attorney by profession, has experience encompassing financial  services, debt related finance, commercial matters, corporate and commercial  litigation, property restructuring, property administration, short-term finance,  structured finance. He has acted in a number of merger and acquisition and  corporate finance transactions representing commercial entities and has worked  extensively with the National Credit Act and the impact thereof on the banking and  short-term finance industry. 

  • Dewald Lombard,

    a director and founder member of TraceOnline and Debtsolution  (Pty) Ltd is a former magistrate with the Department of Justice. He began his career in the debt collection industry as Operations Manager with National Debt Recovery  Company, Snyman and Partners and has over 15 years’ experience in the area of  debt collection and training. Dewald is responsible for designing and overseeing the  development of the infrastructure that will support the debt collection work stream. 

  • Morne Lombard,

    a practicing attorney has experience encompassing banking,  financial services, debt related finance and commercial matters, and has been closely  involved in the litigation and collections industry, especially the impact of the  National Credit Act. He focuses on commercial matters, including business  structuring for clients. 

  • Maria Pistorius

    started her career at Price Waterhouse (Kimberley) in 1995, and  has subsequently gained experience at the Klein Karoo Kooperasie (Oudtshoorn), H  G Molenaar (Pty) Ltd (Paarl), and Tafelberg Furnishers (Bellville). Maria has been  earmarked as the Project Financial Manager due to her in-depth knowledge of  various accounting records and/or audit processes that needs to be maintained and  produced on a monthly basis. 

  • John Willemse

    has been involved in the Banking Industry for the past 20 years,  specifically in Asset Financing and all the disciplines involved therewith. He was part  of a project team that developed credit control systems and processes, from the  initial credit approval, first non-payment to legal action. John provided internal  training to the credit controllers on a continues basis. 

  • Chris Barnard

    has been involved in the Collections Industry for the past 11 years  and was the General Manager and then CEO of TraceWorks. Currently, Chris is the  project manager for the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.